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For concrete construction that’s head and shoulders above all others, the choice for you is Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry. Experience, dedication to quality, and superb crafting techniques are key. Here you get them all, as well as service that’s warm and friendly as the California sun. We build the best in patios, driveways, pool decks, kitchen countertops, walls, pillars, stairs, and really, anything you can think of in concrete, brick, or natural stone. It’s only our pleasure to enhance your home or business with the finest hardscape materials on offer. When we’re done, the results will astound.

A great Fullerton contractor will accept no less. That’s why Orange County area residents trust us so much with their ideas.

Stonework, brickwork, and concrete work all reside within the expertise of our team. It’s been that way for many years, and while some people think there’s simply no way we can get any better, we’re always striving. That’s because the industry is, too, which keeps us on our toes for the latest, greatest technological advancements in the field.

When you call us at (714) 844-7499 you won’t only get top tier service, you’ll get construction that’s in step with the times.

    Annie Carroll
    Annie Carroll
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    I had them do my stamped concrete patio last month and am very satisfied.
    Gloria Skinner
    Gloria Skinner
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    A few weeks ago, my husband and I were looking for a new patio company to do the job. We had been putting it off because of how daunting it seemed but we finally decided to just bite the bullet and get it done. A friend of ours recommended that we go with Rancho Cucamonga Pro Concrete & Masonry so we gave them a call to see if they could come out and give us an estimate on what the price would be. They came out as soon as possible, which was great since time is always something that slips away from you when you're trying not to think about things like this! After getting an estimate from them, we thought about it for a day or two and we are very happy to have pulled the trigger and have a beautiful stamped patio now!
    Michael Banks
    Michael Banks
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    I recently had a concrete driveway installed by Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry and I was very pleased with the results. The quality of workmanship was excellent and they left my property clean and tidy. They were prompt, professional, friendly, responsive to my questions, and reasonably priced. I would recommend them without hesitation for anyone who is looking for a concrete driveway installation in their area.
    Judith Anthony
    Judith Anthony
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    I am so relieved I went with them for the large concrete job. He was on time each day. First day, he came by himself and did all of my demo work removing all old driveway as well as about 70’x8′ area. He removed everything that first day without a hitch due to rain delaying pouring cement up until two days before it should have been poured! The morning prior to pouring cement they returned again just in case any finishing touches were needed (and there weren't)!
    Camilla Sophia
    Camilla Sophia
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    Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry recently finished the stamp-work for my new driveway and they really knocked it out of the park. They were meticulous about every single detail, from smoothing down all imperfections to following up with cleanups as soon as we contacted them after noticing that some minor things had chipped off during their process
    Gibson Don
    Gibson Don
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    I recently hired a company to install my concrete driveway and was very happy with the results. I am usually not an advocate for hiring contractors, but this time it seemed like the right thing to do. Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry did a fantastic job with my installation. The process was quick, and they left everything clean after completing their work. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality work at a fair price!
    Agnes Torres
    Agnes Torres
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    Their concrete paver design was superb. Just what I needed for the house. They even recommended a good pattern with the right shade. Kirk really knows its stuff.
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    Fullerton Concrete Contractor

    Your one-stop for a Fullerton concrete contractor gives you options galore. Be it with pavers, slabs, stamped designs, or color; you get what you need for the most attractive, long-lasting results. The versatility of concrete is a thing we’re not afraid to take advantage of. Nor should we be, as this material can certainly wear more than one face, and is malleable enough to take on just about any shape it needs. Just look at but a few of things we can make it do.

    Dial (714) 844-7499 for free quotes today. 


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    Pool Decks

    We may as well start right at the top with concrete pool decks. Homeowners can be envious of these beauties, especially the ones we build, which come in the style you want at a price you can afford. Get a pure look with our poured concrete that still offers a stamped concrete service to create different patterns to go with any landscape. These include broom finished or salt finished surfaces that reduce the risk of slippery falls. And of course, poured concrete can also be colored to a number of fetching shades that go beautifully with their surroundings.

    Pool decks by us are built to last, but sometimes the pool deck that was built before might be a little worse off for the wear. If you have a pool deck that needs pool deck resurfacing, pool deck repair, or a straight up pool deck replacement, give us a call to get an estimate for work. 

    Dial (714) 844-7499 for free quotes.

    Our concrete paver stones are also designed with your wishes in mind. They’re the most durable, dependable in the business with deep, consistent colors that resist pesky pool problems like mold, mildew, and even saltwater.

    Not only that, but the pavers we install endure shifting soil, and each paver can easily be swapped out should any kind of damage occur. These pre-cast pavers are also terrific for pool coping. A huge array of pool deck colors and designs are all here for you at Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry.


    Want the pool deck without the pool? That means a Fullerton concrete patio—the kind we build so well it’s practically second nature.

    Call us for any size and shape you need. Tells us about the design and color you’re going for. Because as with pool decks, our decorative concrete service can bring it all to life. And not only will that patio look amazing, but because it comes from us, it’ll provide decades of pleasure.

    We build patios with nothing less than perfection in mind. Call (714) 844-7499 for free estimates.

    Nor is it only our stamped concrete service that makes things look just right. Let us accentuate things even further with an outdoor fireplace, or a lovely walk path that leads in from the front lawn.

    Need some patio repairs? We do refurbishment with all the esteem that goes with our brand new construction; indeed, after we’re done, that patio will look brand new. Put us on the job and find out just how tireless driving ambition can be.

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    While we’re on the subject of driving, it could be said that there is no achievement in curb appeal quite like what comes from an awesome concrete driveway. They turn heads, up the resale value of a home, and just make their owners feel good about stepping outside. Or is it coming home again?

    Whichever the case, when you call Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry for a new driveway, you’re going to get style and substance that leaves the competition…well, standing outside the front gate.

    Once more, our stamped concrete service comes to the rescue for the flawless design of your choosing. We can even stamp the surface to faithfully replicate coveted material such as natural stone. Matching the look is easy when decorative concrete comes from the pros.

    Driveways of any shape and size are no problem for the crew you can reach when you call (714) 844-7499. Get in touch today for more information.

    Concrete Walls

    Our concrete walls stand the test of time like no others. We build them to face heat, wind, and rain with unending dependability. Border your property, make your pool deck private, prohibit soil erosion, level off a slope, all with the stellar build quality of a concrete wall from our incredible staff. And as with all our concrete services, we also do repair work and maintenance on older walls to give them a fresh new appearance.

    Find out more by contacting us today. Call (714) 844-7499 today for free estimates.

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    Other Concrete Services

    We can make old flooring look freshly poured with our concrete grinding and concrete overlay service. The team smooths over an aging surface before treating it with a sturdy, attractive overlay that can help revive the entire area. Speaking of revival, get your patio or pool deck looking fit with one of our outdoor kitchens. And there’s nothing like a concrete fireplace built by our team to make a barbecue cozier, or a party more chatty.

    Get a job done faster with our concrete service, which is also less wasteful while allowing for increased accuracy in application. All of these and more await you at Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry. 

    We also do work with septic service providers.  Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry does is we dig up to reach the septic tank then lay concrete over. They also do an additional task and this is preparing the empty space where the tank will go. They are a reputable company that provides this service.

    Dial (714) 844-7499 for construction you can count on.

    Fullerton Masonry Contractor

    Our concrete installation is superb, but for some, there is simply no substitute for the authentic. For them, we provide natural stone and brick masonry that is equally superb. Walls, pillars, flooring, driveways, countertops, fireplaces, stairs, coping, and edging is no trouble at all for the skilled team under our employ. The alluring always becomes real at Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry. Dial (714) 844-7499 for free quotes and estimates.

    this picture shows stone patio masonry fullerton
    this picture shows stone patio fullerton

    Stone Masonry

    Exemplary stone masonry is difficult to ignore. Materials like travertine, quartzite, limestone, and flagstone grab the eye. After that, one can only pause to admire.

    Stone masonry done by us is still amazing!

    Our familiarity with construction techniques combined with a passion for the craft results in near breath-taking work in stone pavers, stone veneer, and stacked stone.

    Pavers contractor works best on impact areas such as patios, driveways, and pool decks. You’ll have all of the above to choose from, plus others just as beautiful, such as granite, sandstone, and marble.

    The same goes for our stone veneer, which works best on vertical surfaces less likely for contact exposure. We attach the veneer to a concrete foundation, which saves you some money without sacrificing visual appeal.

    Want a bit of spellbinding texture as well?

    Stacked stone service from our crew leaves projects such as walls and fireplaces with edges and ridges in all the right places. This technique also looks out of this world on pillars, too. Stone masonry done right is just a phone call away.

    Dial (714) 844-7499 to find out more about what we can do.

    Retaining Walls

    It’s almost always a wise choice to let a professional handle the delicate task of installing a retaining wall. If you need one, let us know, and we’ll take care of things in any capacity. That means a single wall or tier; concrete, brick, or stone; big or small. The retaining walls we construct never fail their duty for supporting soil against gravity and erosion. You’ll love their handsome appearance.

    Better still, they’ll increase the safety of your landscape.

    Dial (714) 844-7499 today to get free quotes. 


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    Other Masonry Services

    While construction is certainly our claim to fame, we also like to take care of what’s already in place. That means cleaning, repair, sealing, resurfacing, and refinishing. 

    We are commonly using a nearby dumpster rental company for the debris from the bigger job sites we do, specifically for a 20 yard dumpster rental.

    Clients with pool decks tend to gravitate toward travertine, slate, limestone, and coral stone for a truly wondrous, waterproof display. We also install flooring and countertops in popular cuts of stone like granite and marble.

    Areas We Service

    Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry offers high-quality concrete and masonry services in many areas including La Habra, Brea, Placentia, Anaheim, Bueno Park, La Mirada, Whittier, Cypress, Orange, Norwalk, and Stanton. We guarantee that all of our services are provided at the highest level. We value quality workmanship and offer competitive prices. You can contact us for a free estimate or to answer any questions you may have about concrete, stone masonry, brick masonry, and more! Call (714) 844-7499 for our services!

    Contact Fullerton Pro Concrete and Masonry Contractor For More Information

    The choice is always yours when you call Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry. We use high-quality equipment, years of experience, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction to provide nothing less than excellence in Fullerton masonry.

    Call (714) 844-7499 to get started on your next project today.