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Railroad ties are one of the oldest railroad construction materials in America, used since the 1830s. These railroad ties are still in production today, and they are often incorporated into retaining walls. Retaining walls serve to support earth that has been excavated for a building, railroad line, or other projects by preventing it from slumping back downhill. Railroad ties have always played an important role in railroad construction due to their durability and low cost compared with other railroads construction materials like stone or concrete blocks. Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry is no exception- railroad ties have been part of our company’s history for many years!

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Railroad Ties Retaining Walls in Fullerton, CA

The railroad ties retaining walls in Fullerton, CA offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to stabilize hillsides. Railroad ties are made from heavy, solid wood that is resistant to decay and termites. They maintain their shape well without the need for treatment or paint. With so many benefits, railroad tie retaining walls may be just what you need to keep your property safe and looking great!

A retaining wall is a structure built perpendicular to the ground, which can be used for many purposes. Railroad ties are one type of material that can be used in constructing these walls. The railroad ties provide stability and strength to the wall while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Pros of Railroad Ties Retaining Walls

Railroad ties have been a popular choice for retaining walls due to their durability and cost-effectiveness. They are also easy to install, but it is important to note that they need to be installed in pairs with an 18-inch gap between the two pieces of a railroad tie. This will ensure stability and prevent water from seeping through the cracks. 

Another reason railroad ties make such great retaining walls is that they can be used as both a vertical or horizontal wall depending on what you need them for at the time, making installation even easier! These benefits make railroad ties perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance solution when building their retaining wall at home.

Cons of Railroad Ties Retaining Walls

Railroad ties are a popular choice for retaining walls due to their affordability and the environmentally friendly way they are made. However, railroad ties can be exposed to elements that cause deterioration over time, including water damage from rain or irrigation systems, soil erosion, animal corrosion (from animals eating at the wood), and rusting.

Some of the drawbacks of railroad ties retaining walls are: exposed ends of railroad ties will erode more quickly than other types of wall materials such as stone or brick; railroad ties may need to be replaced every 3-5 years depending on exposure to weather conditions and traffic levels; the installation process requires a lot more labor than installing traditional block type of retaining walls.

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