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Stonemasonry is the construction of a structure using stones as the building blocks. Stones are used in kitchen countertops, walls, as stone veneer, in patios, and as pavers. Given the widespread usage of stones, it is a very popular and demanding job. That’s why stone masonry covers a wide array of structures and requires different sets of skills.

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What are the Materials for Stone Masonry?

Essentially, stone masonry needs two materials. Stone is obviously one of them. The other one is the mortar. 

Stones used for construction projects can vary in structure, design, and looks. But all stones must carry a minimum set of universal properties. They must be crack free and without any cavities. The stones are decided on the project scale and the nature of the structure. 

Mortar is the next important thing in stone masonry. Mortar is the mix that holds the entire structure together. The paste is usually created with the help of cement, water, and sand. For a particular project, the mortar should have a uniform density and cohesive properties. But depending on the load of the structure and stones, the mortar will vary.

Types of Stone Masonry

Types of stone masonry can be classified into two broad categories:

Rubble Masonry

In rubble masonry, the stones are either undressed or they are roughly dressed. Instead of using big slabs of stones, rubble masonry employs chunks or rubble to form a solid structure. In this type of masonry, mortar evidently plays a big role. Mortar links the uneven edges and nonuniform pieces. Rubble masonry can be further classified into coursed and uncoursed rubble masonry, flint masonry, dry rubble, and polygonal masonry.

Ashlar Masonry

On the other hand, in ashlar masonry, the stones that are used are dressed and uniform in nature. They possess uniform edges and the thickness of the stones are directly related to the thickness of the structure. Ashlar masonry is again further classified into fine tooled, block in course, rough tooled, chamfered, and rock and quarry faced masonry. 

Types of Stones for Stone Masonry

Igneous stones are generally used in countertops and floorings. Metamorphic rocks such as slate and marble are used in a wider set of places. On the other hand, sedimentary rocks are the most used stones in the industry. Regardless, stones should be strong, durable, and they should withstand heat and moisture effectively. For stone masonry, limestone, granite, marble, sandstone, quartzite, laterite, slate, and cobblestone are used widely. However, you can get many more options depending on your region. 

Stone Masonry: Why Go With Only Professionals

As we have seen so far, stone masonry is divided into numerous intricate classifications. Depending on the function of the structure and place, a stone masonry process varies a lot. Going with inexperienced people will only hurt your project and will greatly reduce the effect of these elegant rocks. That’s why it’s always best to hire professionals who have the required knowledge and experience.

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