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A foundation dictates the reliability of a structure. In construction, getting the foundation right is the most important task. If the base is not flawless, then the whole structure becomes vulnerable. That’s why the foundation is provided with so much time and resources. Each detail needs to be addressed properly for a perfect design. But contrary to popular belief, getting the foundation right is not an easy task. A concrete foundation is the most crucial part of any structure. Now, let us guide you through all the details about the concrete foundation.

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Concrete Foundation: Types and Steps

The process of concrete foundation revolves around a lot of steps. Foundation is the very first step in building a structure. That’s why most of the foundation deals with maps and layouts. Before starting out on the process, all people concerned with the project should have a very clear idea of the blueprint and sitemap. Deep and shallow foundations depend on the location, soil, and structure. So the process of the foundation includes a lot of planning and surveying. 

Once that is out of the way, excavation comes in. In most of the regions, you will need a proper permit for this. Excavation will lead to a lot of rubble and an uneven surface. Getting rid of them and leveling the surface is very important. 

A concrete foundation will need a reinforcement structure. After adding the reinforcement, the concrete is placed on the space. It can be a slab or it can be divided into smaller units. The structure is then formed and after that, the formwork is removed. The concert receives finishing coats and the site cleanup follows. These are just a few of the steps to give you a surface idea of the complexity of the job. If you need to know more in detail, just call us on (714) 844-7499.

Depending on the nature of the project, we can find different types of concrete foundations. The slab-on-grade foundation is usually the cheapest option out there. What makes it really cost-effective is the fact that one single slab of concrete is used as a foundation here. In heavy industry duties such as containment walls, foundation differs slightly. While slab-on-grade may not work in places where ground freezes, a T-shaped concrete foundation performs great at such places. Depending on the function, weather and regions, foundations vary a lot.

Concrete Foundation Installation

As we have already discussed, there’s no room for error while constructing a foundation. The smallest of flaws will lead to the biggest of tragedies. That’s why you will always need professionals who have the knowledge and experience by their side. Going with a licensed company gives you mental peace. We at Fullerton Pro Concrete and Masonry provide you the required guidance, safety measures, and experience in the field of concrete foundation. To know more about us and why you should entrust us with your project, just give us a call in (714) 844-7499. We are confident to win you over.