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Stones are the preferred material of choice when it’s time to glam up the house. Natural stones have varying colors, textures, and designs, and all in all, they look extremely beautiful. The proper stone design gives an elegant touch to your house – be it your patio, backyard, pavement, or indoor walls. But one thing about stones is that they don’t normally go easy on your wallet. The luxuriousness they provide, comes with a cost. And natural stones can be very heavy. 

Transporting stones is also not a very convenient task. But it’s not easy to look past the eye-catching beauty of stones. And here’s where stone veneer comes to the rescue. It addresses the two biggest issues with stones – stone veneer is lightweight in comparison to actual stones and most importantly, you don’t need to break the bank getting them. So let us talk more about the stone veneer and how it may help you. If you need to know whether to go with veneer or actual stones considering your project, we are happy to help you. Just give us a call! 

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What is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is produced in a way that it gives you the looks of stones, without it actually being made of stones. It’s a faux product manufactured to imitate the looks and appearance of stones. Since it’s not the natural product, the stone veneer primarily focuses on the exterior of a structure and it’s all about the appearance. 

Portland cement is used in the manufacturing process and pigments are used to mimic stone designs. Before applying a stone veneer, getting to know the surface is very important. Knowing the condition of the surface and the possibility of deterioration beforehand influences the application of the stone veneer. Before anything else, applying a good Water Resistive Barrier (WRB) is important.

While WRB helps in protecting the surface from drainage and excessive mortar, a weed screed will keep away the moisture. The mortar for stone veneer needs to be very effective. The water management system is the most critical thing for a stone veneer so that must be looked at. And on the outer side, a scratch coat will protect the surface from moody weather.

Stone Veneer Installation: Why Go With Only Professionals?

Stone veneer installation is a very complicated thing since you are not applying it as a foundation. Rather the veneer is installed over a surface and you will need extremely good construction underneath to hold everything together. Since stone veneer is not actual stones, it can develop cracks over time. That’s why a flawless installation is very important.

Going with experts will help you protect the surface underneath and also it guarantees the long-term functionality of the veneer. We at Fullerton Pro Concrete and Masonry provide you the necessary experience and knowledge so that you can get the perfect veneer installed, safely and securely. To know more about us and to get a quote for your project, feel free to get in touch. Dial (714) 844-7499 now.

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